Art of Hosting

Art of hosting is the art of having good conversations and creating a real space for dialogue. The practical workshop invites you to learn which authentic attitude we need in order to develop our full effect in groups. In addition to basic principles and an inner attitude, it is also about getting to know valuable conversation methods and formats and applying them to your own context. Future Fashion

Africa in view - Africa across borders

INVITATION to the forum "Africa, BAden-Würtemmberg, Karlsruhe" / "Africa in view - Africa a cross borders" on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in Karlsruhe with Mayor Dr. Mentrup, organizer SIMAMA - STAND UP eV et al.

Solidarity against racism and inhumane treatment

PRESS RELEASE Solidarity against racism and inhuman treatment In America, George Floyd lost his life to racist police violence. This is not a tragic isolated case in the USA. In the last few years there have been countless such and similar cases ...