The SIMAMA® - STAND UP e. V. is an independent migrant self-organization. For more than 25 years, members from the global north have been campaigning for One World and the civic engagement of people from the global south to gain more visibility

Because people with a migration background are indispensable in shaping developments in politics, administration, science and research, business and industry, society in the country, city, and community. In addition, equal access to education and resources, beginning with the young, is a prerequisite for an equal distribution of opportunities and positions in the future.

In order to be able to understand a pluralistic and inclusive society, it is necessary to grapple with the continuity of power relations and the thought patterns of colonialism, which to this day have an impact on institutional and structural discrimination and racism.

SIMAMA® - STAND UP eV offers mentoring for specialists and managers. New work by MSOs in development education is needed in order to recognize the structures of exclusion and xenophobia.

Global learning is the educational answer to global challenges and education for sustainable living and transformation.

A prerequisite for the implementation of gender equality policy is that the perspectives of people from the Global South are included when discussing global interrelationships and that existing prejudices are critically reflected.


Migration shapes our society to this day. As global citizens with multiple cultural identities, we bring a wealth of experiences of solidarity through diverse knowledge and enriching values ​​into society. Diversity is a matter of course for us, which we value and live.


SIMAMA® - STAND UP eV promotes the empowerment of people with a migration background, 100% personal responsibility, getting up and opening up to help shape the living space and its change. The aim is equal participation.


SIMAMA® - STAND UP eV helps EVERYONE to make known the 17 SDGs, the 17 global goals for sustainable development of the UN Agenda 2030 and the implementation goals of the German sustainability strategy for our economic, ecological and social future. Only with our way of life and with the commitment of everyone can we succeed in the transformation to a sustainably living humanity with peace on earth.