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Sustainable development begins with taking responsibility. Under the motto “Get up, you are 100% asked©©“The work of the One World Promoters is also available. We want to develop for a better, one world moving forward, initiate change and promote the commitment to justice between the global north and global south.
Globalization without the other is inconceivable. Globally we all have common goals, the Sustainable Development Goals, they can only be achieved through common, concrete innovation processes!


“Connecting across boarders”: Internationalization of cooperation between countries in the global south and global north means rethinking the future together and formulating and achieving goals together. We don't want to leave anyone behind, from fair trade, education for sustainability to investment.
Because achieving a “good life” for everyone requires mutual recognition and granting of the rights of others.
As a result, being on an equal footing requires mindfulness, an ongoing dialogue between all parties involved in order to gain and maintain trust.

We need to talk about that ©

From colonialism to today's development policy

Due to the lack of a discussion of Germany's colonial history, colonial continuity and its effects can also be clearly seen in development cooperation. The aim of SIMAMA - STAND UP eV is to give images of Africa and its diverse wealth a new face.
A paradigm shift in dealing with others on all levels can be achieved through a continuous examination of the power relations and language in their historical context.

"One is rich because one is poor."

"In touch to Change."

In order to attract young people to the topics of the one world and development policy issues at an early stage, SIMAMA develops various modules for workshops, seminars or school lessons.

In touch to Change

Acht Veranstaltungen zu den 17 SDGs mit über 240 Teilnehmenden zwischen 21.11.2019 und 31.12.2020 wurden gefördert durch Enggement Global gGmbH mit Mitteln vom Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) über FEB – Förderprogramm entwicklungspolitische Bildung sowie durch die Stadt Karlsruhe, der Stadtjugendausschuss Karlsruhe e.V. (stja) über das Programm Demokratie leben! vom Bundesministerin für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (BMFSFJ) und durch unseren Kooperationspartner RENN.süd über die LUBW.


What does poverty in the global south have to do with me? “Our consumption attitudes help to maintain poverty.”… Is a statement that many people cannot relate to. Where and what I buy is crucial, so it's important to take a look.

Plain text - violence against women and girls

Any interference with the personal integrity of a person, especially through sexual violence, leads to a serious physical and psychological wound that leaves its scars on those affected and on society
Quote from Prof. Kizihlan    

"Everyone has a right to human rights©"Using women as weapons of war seems to be a 21st century phenomenon. Despite human rights, women and girls are sexually abused and killed every day in Africa and northern Iraq.
This is one of the women-specific causes of flight. "The dignity of people is inviolable", including that of women and girls.
International law for all women and girls regardless of their origin is required.

Safe Cities – Safe Places – Everywhere all the time ©




Man, i am man!

We live the difference. "We are all different, but equal!©“And that since we were born.

It is not at all easy to talk about racism, because there is no ruling body or concrete thing called racism. Racism and discrimination make coexistence and cooperation difficult.

We say no to racism and discrimination against people of global origin. "Black or white, respect is a human right©". We want to raise awareness of the mechanisms of racism and its effects in advanced training courses and seminars. "Set a sign" means to become aware of your own personal, structural and institutional racism.

Our message is to use our differences in a positive way for social coexistence according to the motto “Be different, play together”.