About Us

SIMAMA® - STAND UP eV is committed to the implementation of a more humane world in harmony with nature.
That means: seeing the world with different eyes, so that we can understand, start to live differently.

"LOVE you, earth" is a commitment to make our world more sustainable for us and those after us.

SIMAMA® - STAND UP eV advises and accompanies projects and organizations in cooperation with partners who are committed to diversity and intercultural opening for international understanding for this one world.

Young people are the designers of our earth of tomorrow. That is why we want to motivate them above all to deal with the global issues of sustainability, justice and migration.

In addition, SIMAMA® -STEH AUF eV offers development education on global interrelationships, climate change, consumption, working conditions, causes of flight to recognize the interrelationships as well as your own attitude towards your own actions.

Our goals

  • Equality: promoting social justice for all people at all levels of society
  • Make social change processes more inclusive by creating dialogue forums to enable more social justice and participation.
  • Professionalise and network civil society and civic participation
  • Strengthen the empowerment of MO and people with a migration background. According to the motto “Participate, don't plan!” ©
  • Dealing with colonial continuity and the balance of power
  • Rethink security, power and privilege
  • Contribution to safeguarding humanity through activities related to the 17 UN sustainability goals

Our topics

  • Diversity and representation of all citizens in the one world community and the communal development policy, power sharing and social responsibility
  • Man, I am a man, uncompromising and unequivocal
  • strategic orientation to promote local engagement in the constructive interaction of state, municipality and civil society
  • Across the boarders partnerships and mutual knowledge transfer as a common achievement and global solidarity work